Miguel Cárdenas – ‘Crossing the Threshold’

Miguel Cardenas ( Bogotá 1973 )
Solo exhibition Crossing the Threshold
Opening 10th September / 4 to 8 pm

Espacio Elisa Estrada – Driving Range

The murals, paintings, drawings and sculptures of Miguel Cárdenas (Bogotá, 1973) fuse elements of Pre-Columbian cultures, Modern art, Surrealism and the aesthetics of street and graphic art. The group of works that make up ‘Crossing the Threshold’ immerses us in his fantasy worlds, achieved with an ingenious handling of drawing in which the simple strokes and the enveloping scale stand out. His depictions include ruins that suggest an imagined ancestral architecture, inhabited by ambiguous creatures and bizarre vegetation that seems to come to life, as highlighted in his painting Insect in the Landscape (2018).

“Our relationship with nature is very pragmatic,” says the artist, who through his work seeks to restore the mysticism and magic it has lost. The charm of his schematic language invites us to rethink our links with the environment, while his anthropomorphic creatures act as a bridge between the human and the natural, symbolizing the search for a more honest link with the environment.  Cárdenas thus proposes a new mythology around nature that invites us to rethink a different future in our relationship with it.

– Eliana Hidalgo Vilaseca