Leandro Pesantes – ‘The Bones of the Universe’



Hermano Miguel 6-72 y Presidente Córdova

Saturday 11th Dec 2021 / 5 to 9 pm

In The Bones of the Universe, Leandro Pesantes completes a trilogy of exhibitions and a cycle of work that began with From Nothingness to Existence (Espacio Elisa Estrada – Guayaquil, 2020) and 54N7U4R1∞ 519 7148 (N24-Quito, 2021).

The exhibition includes a series of paintings that reveal the artist’s attraction to esoteric knowledge, associated with mystery, reverie and the mystical dimension of Symbolist traditions. The paintings highlight fantastic landscapes full of sidereal insinuations, where he interprets a nature that expresses itself charged with hallucinatory phenomena and crossed by a repertoire of symbols that refer not only to the divine, but also to magic, the occult, the archaic and the ancestral.

In his recent work, one can detect an affinity for themes that express ways of understanding the world, such as kabbalah, astrology, numerology or the universal principles of metaphysics, and an interest in sciences such as crystallography (relating to the atomic structure of solid objects).

His objects and installations also ponder the poetic value of ritual, exploring the purifying and perceptible energy given off by amulets. The way in which he incorporates, arranges and codifies diverse natural materials in his works (branches, wax, feathers, ash, etc.) leads us to interpret them as ceremonial talismans.

Rodolfo Kronfle Chambers